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Text Explorer (Older Version)

Text Explorer is a concordance tool for searching and analyzing George Eliot's fiction. Our beta version of this tool, introduced in spring 2023, is currently in development by the George Eliot Archive team. Our plan is to expand the texts available for searching, including George Eliot's poetry and nonfiction works in 2024. We also will be adding more search and visualization options.

Specifically, we will be adding visualization tools similar to Voyant Tools, a project that inspires us.

It is possible to use Voyant Tools on some of Eliot's novels now; simply find the Cabinet Edition of each novel under "Fiction by George Eliot" and scroll down for the automatically loading Voyant Tools visualizations. For example, see Felix Holt, the Radical. It's a start!

We are also using natural language processing AI tools, especially GPT-4, to train our Text Explorer on our own database of George Eliot texts that will allow for semantic searching. Exciting data mining possibilities are coming to fruition for a new generation of George Eliot scholars. For example, see the AI Text Analysis project, in development since the summer of 2023.

We invite you to try these tools and send your comments and suggestions to the editors at: BDR0032@Auburn.edu

PS: Since Nov 2023, a newer version of this text explorer tool is available here: https://georgeeliotarchive.org/textexplorer