The George Eliot Archive is an extensive resource for anyone studying the author best known as George Eliot (born Mary Ann Evans), one of the most highly acclaimed novelists in Western literature.

The Archive provides free access to all of Eliot's writings: the standard "Cabinet Edition" of the novels and short stories, her complete poetry, her translations, and all her non-fiction essays. These documents are searchable and downloadable.

In the Commentary by Contemporaries section, we've collected hundreds of documents pertaining to George Eliot, including reviews of her works, early biographical studies by those who knew her, newspaper gossip by curious contemporaries, and all known portraits created during Eliot's lifetime.

Our "About George Eliot" section includes data visualizations rather than a typical biographical sketch. Visitors will find a 60,000-word interactive chronology and interactive maps to show the sites and routes of Eliot's travels to Italy; in our next phase, we intend to map Eliot's English, Spanish, and German travels as well. Also in the pipeline is a visual relationship web or "personography" that will display Eliot's ties to family, friends, and business associates, including brief summaries of approximately 150 relationships, portraits of these subjects, and an index of pertinent letters in the 9 volumes of the George Eliot Letters.

Our long-term goal is to provide access to all of Eliot’s journals and to all the extant correspondence. We've started by digitizing the 894 letters published by John Cross in 1885, making them individually searchable by date and recipient. We will continue to pursue publication of the copyrighted volumes edited by Gordon Haight and copyrighted to Yale. We also intend to link our chronology references and our relationship web indexes to the referenced letters. Please check back frequently for updates and improvements as we continue to create resources for studying George Eliot.

The Archive’s sister site, the George Eliot Review Online, makes all issues of the George Eliot Review from its inception in 1970 accessible on the internet for the first time. This Open Access digital project, launched in December 2017, has been made possible in partnership with the journal’s publishers, the George Eliot Fellowship. For updates on all George Eliot social events, including lectures, conferences, tours of “George Eliot Country,” wreath-laying, memorial tending, preservation plans for Bird Grove and the Visitors' Center at Griff, souvenirs, and much more, please see visit the George Eliot Fellowship website for information and an opportunity to donate to the Fellowship's building preservation and restoration fund.

The George Eliot Archive and George Eliot Review Online have been developed by Dr. Beverley Park Rilett and her small but mighty team of research assistants at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. We welcome your feedback at Thank you for visiting!