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Honeymoon Trip to Italy 1880

To view 2 geospatial visualization projects depicting George Eliot’s honeymoon trip to Italy in 1880, keep scrolling. 

1. The original map was created by Dr. Antje Anderson as part of her Master's in Art History and published on the George Eliot Archive in 2019.

2. Below Anderson's visualization, continue to scroll for Jacob Walker's (BA 2022) Storymap project, which adds additional context and images to Anderson's original geospatial analysis of the fateful 1880 honeymoon. Use the scroll button on the right side of the frame if the Storymap does not begin automatically.  

Fullscreen View

Scroll through this interactive map to trace the steps of George Eliot's honeymoon trip with John Cross. Images were collected from copyright-free sources by Jacob Walker, who also adapted descriptions from Antje Anderson's original project. Programming by Brad Hughes. Published 2022.