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George Eliot’s People and Places

How to Use: First, click on "Expand" to open any George Eliot text. Click "More" to read the complete summary.

Expand to identify (1) all character names; (2) all place names; (3) all other named entities such as animal names or song titles.

Click items for definitions. Some are brief, others much longer.

You can also search by typing any name (or part of a name) into the search bar. Choose the name from the pull-down tab.

See source information below the model.

Dictionary of George Eliot's People and Places is a digital transformation of a 100-year-old printed reference book: 

A George Eliot Dictionary: The Characters and Scenes of the Novels, Stories, and Poems Alphabetically Arranged by I G Mudge and M. E. Sears, London: George Routledge and Sons, Limited, New York: The H. W. Wilson Company, 1924.

More than a dozen student editors and developers were responsible for creating this project, which facilitates searching, sorting, and filtering of the named entities in George Eliot's fiction. Thanks especially to Nathan Bradshaw, Ben Buckley, Will Tobens, and Spencer Dunn (Senior Design Spr '24) for completing and documenting the application you see here.

For important character and place names and their relevance in the works, consult a related project created using Chat GPT 3.5 and 4.0 in our Interactive Data section, AI Summaries of George Eliot's Works.