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Text Explorer

  1. Choose a text from the pull-down menu.
  2. Enter a keyword or phrase.
  3. Click the “Search” tab to see results.
  4. Click any result to see context.
  5. Click “Voyant Tools” tab for a word cloud visualization; then click the question icon for other visualizations (note: Voyant's speed depends on your WiFi)

Text Explorer is a concordance tool for searching and analyzing George Eliot's published works. It was developed by Libo Sun, Yue Cui, Beverley Rilett, and the George Eliot Archive team. This application is our second edition; a prototype was introduced in May of 2023 and updated in November with search results showing three words on either side of the search term and the full-text context highlighted below. We also adapted and appended a version of the open-source text visualization application,  Voyant Tools (Sinclair, S & G. Rockwell, 2016).

Our Phase 3 goals for 2024 include adding George Eliot's poetry and nonfiction works to our text analysis application.

Our ultimate goal is to create an application for semantic searching of George Eliot’s texts. We are using natural language processing AI tools and training with our extensive George Eliot Archive database.

Exciting data mining possibilities are coming to fruition for a new generation of George Eliot scholars. For example, see the AI Text Analysis project, in development since the summer of 2023. Further named entity recognition projects are in the pipeline. Please check back often for new research resources.

We'd love to hear that you are using these resources in your research. Send comments to BRilett2@Auburn.edu