Fiction by George Eliot

George Eliot's novels are reproduced from the "Cabinet Edition" of George Eliot's Works, published in London and Edinburgh by William Blackwood and Sons in 1878. This complete collection, published two years before Eliot's death, represents the final corrected version of her works. Although many subsequent editions have been published, the Cabinet Edition is their foundation and this set remains the scholarly standard for citing Eliot’s words.

When you are quoting from Eliot's works in your own writing, the George Eliot Archive recommends using a short version of the novel title, the volume number, and the page number(s). Adam Bede, for example, could be (AB 1: 55) with a Daniel Deronda quotation cited as (DD 3: 144). In your references list, remember to add "George Eliot Archive, edited by Beverley Park Rilett" along with our website address, This shows which collection you used (and helps others find us).

The digitized Cabinet Edition remains the best option for accurate quotations and has the additional benefit of being searchable, downloadable, and freely available to anyone with internet access.