The Art of George Eliot in Silas Marner


The Art of George Eliot in Silas Marner


I have taken Silas Marner as the book in which to study the art of its author because here she is at her best. Silas Marner is a short work, but it has abundant interest and less preaching than the later novels. While there is tragedy here, the whole effect of the book is wholesome and gracious, and one rises from reading it with the impression that the designs of poetic justice have been fulfilled, but fulfilled in a way that has brought satisfaction to as great a number of people as possible.


Fairley, Edwin


Fairley, Edwin. "The Art of George Eliot in 'Silas Marner'." The English Journal, Apr 1913, vol 2, no 4, pp. 221-30.


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