Lewes, Elizabeth Ashweek Willim (1787-1870)


Lewes, Elizabeth Ashweek Willim (1787-1870)


Elizabeth Ashweek Willim Lewes was the mother of George Henry Lewes. George Henry Lewes's father, John Lee Lewes, left the mother of four of his children (born between 1803 and 1808) to live with Elizabeth Ashweek in 1811. Together, they had 3 sons: Edgar James, Edward Charles, and George Henry Lewes. John Lee Lewes left the family around 1819 when George Henry was about 2 years old; (he died in 1831). Ashweek remarried in 1823 to a retired East India Company, Captain John Gurens Willim. The family, long plagued by money troubles and housing insecurity, finally was well supported by George Henry Lewes late in her life, thanks to George Eliot's success as an author.


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